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"Now is the time, and we are the people" - Jean Houston 

If you are ready to learn how to accurately see what is creating in front of you or anyone else, then this is for you.


It all starts with learning how to track energy.  You may be doing some of this without knowing it now, Or this may be new to you.  

Practical skills and tools to use out of the gate!  Ready to move your skills and awarenesses to the next level? 

Learn Energy Tracking

Personal Forecast gives you specific details on what is occurring now, what is aligning up ahead, as well as the opportunities that are being presented.  



This is critical information for people to know in order to truly create their very best life. 


Don't side idly by in apathy.  Put the power back into your hands today!

Personal Forecast 2020

This is the apex of living, breathing alchemy, bringing unconditional love of Oneness, pure and true, fully to you, your family, and the world. 

This is For EVERYONE!

No experience required.

Take pain and transform it into happiness, health and well-being.


 If love is calling you... this is perhaps the most important call you'll ever answer!!! 

Advanced Alchemy

With the world changing at such a fast pace, it requires us to have clear knowledge and understanding.  Working with critical information is important. 


Come and join us! 


Staying In The Current for the most up to the moment changes.

Staying In The Current


Kim is an initiated Sangoma.  She communicates with your Ancestors or Ancestral spirits on your behalf. Being a Sangoma is more than a vocation.  It is, quite literally a ‘calling’ or ukutswa from the Ancestors or from spirit.


This is an experience well worth your time and money!!!

Divination Bones Reading


Many, many lives have been improved through Kim's skills.  She is widely known for her ability to facilitate leading-edge techniques, providing the very best opportunity for healing on all levels.


Kim Seer: The right person to help you right where you're at. 

Medical Intuitive Consult


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