Accelerated Awakening

Map & Directions To Living Your

 Active Spiritually Filled Path

Whether you are new to the understanding of your Souls path or a seasoned pro, this program is established specifically around YOU!

Work 1 on 1 with Kim Seer for one year as you unfold the depth of your gifts and soul calling.  Be wonderfully surprised on what you can do!  

You, yes... you can help people, animals, the earth is great ways.

You will unveil the greatest part of who you are!  It's time for you to know everything - who, what, why, when.  


You CAN do this!  

It's in your DNA, it's go time join us! 

This program includes the following:


  • (17) - 50 minute session with Kim.  1 every 3 weeks

  • (12) monthly group calls - 1 per month  

  • (1) recorded meditations or information per week

  • Personal Forecast or Bones reading when needed - included no charge

Access to teams who are already working projects for humanity, animals, and the earth.  Put your gifts to work right away! 


We will work at your pace.  If you've been feeling that inner nudging or sense that somethings on its way. 

This Is For You!!!  Join Us Today!

We're Waiting...

Register Here!

This IS the year for you to be actively engaged in your Souls greater work.

Time for you to know all in detail!


Humanity is waiting, animals, and land are calling.  Will you answer?

We Are Waiting For You Join Us!

Once you have registered you will be contacted by our office.  Your sessions will be set up getting you started right away or when you're ready.

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