Advanced Alchemy

Transforming Pain Into Love


Now Is Your Time

This truly is the apex of living, breathing alchemy, bringing unconditional love of Oneness, pure and true, fully to you, your family and the world. 


Transform egotism into love. Take pain and transform it into happiness, health, and well-being. 


Deeply impart this into the heart of humanity. Watch as it “becomes” seen in actions with others, both personally and globally.


Do you believe you have a compassionate heart? Are you following a heart-centered path?


If love is calling you... this is perhaps


the most important call you'll ever answer!!! 


This will transform you!


Our NEW Class Starts


January 9, 2020 

at 8pm est/5 pst / 7 cst


In this second segment, there will be a total of (6) sessions that will occur in every (3) week.

Who is this for? EVERYONE! No prior experience necessary!

In order to achieve the level you desire, it will take time and dedication.  What are the end results you can anticipate from your efforts?

  • Your daily experience will be filled with unconditional love for exactly who you are.


  • You will be the vessel to integrate into other people's experiences, the pure and true unconditional love and acceptance for who they are.

  • See the Truth of who people are.

  • Transform burdens for yourself and others without feeling burdened.

  •  Where burdens once were, fill the experience with love and acceptance.

  • Breakthrough the illusion for good!



The above is just the beginning. Is your Soul work calling? 

This is truly the work of the Divine.  It is time for YOU to see who You Really Are!

New Class Starts Jan 9th, 2020

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