Bones Readings


Kim Seer

What Is A Bones Reading?


Kim Seer is an Initiated Healer of South Africa called a Sangoma.  The ancient premise is that the Sangoma communicates with the Ancestors or Ancestral spirits on your behalf. Becoming a Sangoma, therefore, is more than a vocation.  It is, quite literally a ‘calling’ or ukutswa from the Ancestors or from spirit. Being called is an Ancestral and cultural honor, it is also a major responsibility.


The reading will show you what is occurring in your life now.  Then it provides detailed information on how to navigate the landscape to get the desired outcome as smoothly as possible.  You will also become aware of potential pitfalls or construction zones that are worthwhile to avoid, and how to best manage people or situations that are cluttering your landscape.


Your Ancestors consist of many beings from your biological Ancestors, Guides, Teachers, Ascended Masters all the way to the Creator/God.  It is not unusual for those that have passed to come through for a conversation. 


Kim is also a skilled Medical Intuitive and is known to masterfully channel the GIVERS who are first beings from Oneness itself.   


This method of reading is extremely helpful at this time on our planet and is precisely the tool that will show you what’s on your path, what are the next moves and so much more!  


Family challenges occurring? Children young and old are struggling and you wish to know how to help? Feel a big change coming, yet don’t know what it is?


Do you want to know exactly who your children are?  Their strengths and vulnerabilities would provide critical information in order to provide the best support to them.  


This information can be a game changer!  Whether young or older children, if you wish to be the best for them, let the Ancestors share with you life-changing information.



All this and more is revealed in this insightful reading with Kim.  Don’t wait!  Get the information you need right now.


Check back often as your path is evolving.  

Let us help you see the whole picture.






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What do people think of their bones readings?


My bones reading was amazing! My big questions (the ones I have been trying to figure out for a number of years) were answered, and I finally got clarity on my role and my path! 


Being able to see the bones laid out in space helped me see the relationship between things, and helped me formulate the right questions to ask for more clarity. This brought me a deeper understanding of the answers that were given. 


So much information was brought forward that I want to book another session to review it all in greater detail! This was an amazing experience, and comes highly recommended to those seeking deep clarity and understanding.    



My life changing ‘Bones’ session with Kim today opened my eyes to a  deeper awareness and understanding of the  previously unforeseen possibilities that await me,  and she is assisting me to  experience this expanded vision.   


Kim has a unique ability to see beyond the veil to the energy of a person, place or situation, and to help bring this energy to completion.  Wow, I feel like I am waking up to a brand new awareness of  my life.  Can’t thank you enough Kim!!



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