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Mystical Trip

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In Ireland, "Thin Places" are sites that have a mystical quality or history about them. The name ‘thin places’ suggests that the curtain between the living world and the eternal, spiritual world is thin and almost connected. The ancient Celts spoke of how the veil between heaven and the physical earth is very thin in many places around Ireland.  Join us as we enter into the Thin Places and more!


We are in the planning stages of this adventure.  Seriously interested in going?  Please let us know. 


How the trip is planned depends on how many are going.  Our thought for the timeline would be for 5-8 days approximately.  More details to follow. 


If you have any place that you would like to see let me know.  If you are interested in a side trip to Scotland let me know that as well.  

This trip IS happening! 

If you wish to secure your place, please put down a small deposit.

We are setting this trip JUST FOR OUR GROUP! 
Be as active or not, options for varying physical activity available.
We move on OUR timeline!
We are working on this package being All-Inclusive for lodging and food to keep costs reasonable. 
Click below for more information. our group only!

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