MIT Reboot

Medical Intuitive Reboot

The final piece of the puzzle for physical healing has ARRIVED!


We will be using these new healing techniques on live cases to show you practical application and see results happening.


If you are a healer and wish to expand your knowledge with leading-edge techniques,  ACT NOW!


We recommend that you have experienced at least one class with Kim prior to this class beginning, although it is not mandatory.     


If you feel called to attend, then we welcome you and request you come with an empty cup to be filled anew!


Class will be every 2 weeks for a total of (6) classes.  These are on Tuesday nights.  


If you are not able to make a  class, no problem!  Every class is recorded so that you can attend on your time.  Or as many students wish to do you can re-listen to get the max out of each class. 

Class start date is

October 17, 2017

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