Staying In The Current

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Most Exciting Current of ALL!

We are in a unique time, never to come again


We are in the active labor of our awakening.  The world's change-over is at hand.  Many of you are already aware of your soul's heightened activity in your sleep state as well as in your daily life.  


So much is coming into our awareness that requires clear knowledge and understanding, in order to be actively present to our soul's path for the world, our families and ourselves.  


It is imperative that we have a clear connection and action plan as our abilities and understanding grow stronger and stronger. 


Guidance strongly indicated that this be offered to all who feel the calling.



Staying in the CURRENT will include the following:


  • Weekly sessions over the next three months (12); providing you with the latest updates, action plans, and understanding of your new skills.



All of this and SO much more!  This truly is the place to receive literally up to the moment changes for the planet, people, dimensions, access points, places of connection and all the understanding you can absorb!

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